Turn This $120,000 In-Kind Grant Into A Revolutionary Fundraiser

Nonprofits that get a Google Ad Grant receive a $10,000 credit to Google AdWords every month. There are many nonprofits that have this grant (sometimes for years) but lack someone on their team with the skills to manage Google Ads effectively. Meanwhile, all of that in-kind money just… passes by… every month.

“Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads, an online advertising solution from Google. You could recruit more volunteers. Attract more donations. And share your story with audiences all over the globe. It’s all possible with Google Ad Grants.”

Google Ad Grants

There are many success stories, too, like Science Buddies, a nonprofit that helps students build their literacy in science and technology. Science Buddies used their grant to attract more than 18.2 million website clicks in one year, resulting in 100,000 new student registrations to their program. Another nonprofit, GlobalGiving, used their grant to get more than 390,000 website clicks and 5,000 online donations.

Nonprofits can use their Google Ad Grant to achieve many different goals like…

  • Raise awareness of mission and services
  • Drive donations
  • Increase calls
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Increase in-kind donations
  • Increase monetary donations
  • Mobilize social advocates
  • Increase new membership registrations
  • Drive volunteer sign ups
  • Attract corporate sponsors
  • Generate awareness for increased demand
  • Drive donations for disaster relief

Why do some nonprofits Google Ad campaigns succeed while others stagnate?

  • Confusion about how to set up a Google AdWords campaign
  • Uncertainty about how to align nonprofit development goals and your website
  • Lack of experience with using Google Analytics (a sister tool used to collect useful data about your website visitors and customize your digital marketing campaign)

Comfort with technology and a strategic fundraising plan are necessary to reap Google Ad Grant benefits. Consider the following flow chart showing the process of using a Google Ad Grant to achieve a goal.

Figure 1. Google AdWords Nonprofit Funnel Flow Chart. Step 1, Secure Google AdWords Grant for Nonprofits. Step 2, Google AdWords digital marketing campaign. Step 3, Link your ads to important pages like your website, landing page, or social media. Step 4, Goal Action: Donation, Membership, Subscription, etc.
Figure 1. Google AdWords Nonprofit Funnel Flow Chart

Once you secure the grant, then you can create a Google AdWords digital marketing campaign. The campaign is designed to bring people to important links on your website when they click on your ads. If set up well, the ad-clicker will take an action that helps you reach a goal, like making a donation, signing up for a membership, subscribing to your email newsletter, etc.

Luckily, Google offers a number of free certifications that will help sharpen your skills so you can create amazing, successful Google AdWords campaigns! Or, you can partner with an experienced nonprofit project manager who can help you get started with confidence and style. (This project manager was originally certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics in 2017).

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