Network with these Agile Communities in Colorado’s Front Range

Major Agile Communities to Network with on Colorado’s Front Range

Agile Networking Trends

…based on my subjective experiences with Agile-related networking in Colorado this summer

Agile Superstars as Presenters

By nature, Agile practitioners love learning and are open to sharing information.

Often, networking events feature Agile Superstars as speakers, like…

Agile Networking Globalization

The pandemic has affected networking, and as you probably know, groups have switched from in-person events to virtual. As a result, virtual Agile events draw attendees from all U.S. states and around the world.

Some groups — like Agile Denver, Agile Hartford, Agile Utah, and Agile Austin — host large, collaborative Agile networking events using Zoom.

Agile Fever!

Current Agile enthusiasts seem to have a passionate drive to influence the growing adoption of Agile.

In particular, I’ve noticed how excited Agilists become when they learn that I’m a Development Manager who is getting nerdy about Agile. They are by and large welcoming and available to chat with me to pick their brains and learn more about Agile.

Large Corporations on Agile Hiring Sprees

More and more large corporations go on hiring sprees when they are changing to adopt Agile practices.

Usually, corporate leaders have come to realize the money-saving and money-making potential of Agile, and are now changing to replace older, waterfall-based project management methodologies with Agile.

What Agile groups to do you network with?

What trends have you noticed?

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