Generating Multi-Million Dollar Funding With Grants

Effective grant writers align a nonprofit’s vision and with the resources needed to achieve it, like Zoe, who has secured multiple millions of dollars in funding from Federal, State, local government, and private foundation grants.

She has five years of experience working with nonprofits and started offering nonprofit-focused consultation services in 2016. Public-Private-Nonprofit partnerships are one of her passions, and she is a primary grant writer and coordinator for a collaborative transportation pilot project with private 501(3)(c) nonprofit Via Mobility Services, the City of Boulder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), and the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.

In 2019, Zoe had a 77% grant success rate, resulting in multiple millions of dollars of funding.

What’s a “good” grant success rate?

According to Funding for Good, If submitting applications to a combination of existing and new funders, an organization might expect a success rate of between 50 and 60 percent from their grant writers. The Free Management Library shares that a “great win rate would be 58%.” Other agencies offer more conservative estimates, like Professional Grant Writers which suggests that 1 in 10 grant proposals are successful.

Are you an Executive Director or Program Manager for a nonprofit that needs more operating or capital funding?

Have you heard that nonprofits with strong cross-sector partnerships are more likely to receive funding, but aren’t sure about how to set them up?

Contact Zoe today to strengthen your grant funding channels and do more good.

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