COVID-19 Is Influencing Nonprofit Funding Trends

COVID-19 Emergency Grants

Private foundations stepped up to the plate and provided significant supplemental funding opportunities for Colorado nonprofits, including but not limited to:

These emergency funds are critical in supporting essential mission services but may come at a potential future cost. Some foundations report concerns about providing the level of funding in 2021 that nonprofits will need.

Funding for Innovative Services

Many of the COVID-19 Emergency Grants preferred funding innovative services involving new, collaborative partnerships. The winner of the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies’ (CASTA) Innovation of the Year award, Via Mobility Services, is an excellent example of this. Via partnered with Boulder County Farmers Markets to provide a new service – fresh, local produce delivery to low-income and quarantining individuals and families in the community.

By providing transportation and delivery services for farmers markets clients, the nonprofits made it possible for more individuals and families to receive nutritious food during the pandemic.

I supported this project directly by securing grant funding for this new program.

More About Via and Boulder County Farmers Markets

Boulder County Farmers Markets sourced food to fill bags delivered to low-income families from Croft Family Farm, Altius Greens, Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Red Wagon Farm, Browns Farm, Isabella’s Farm, Jones Farm, Five Freedoms Dairy, Jodar Farms, Haystack Cheese, Miller Farms, and many more.

Then, Via picks up the food bags in volunteer-driven vans and safely delivers them while following social distancing best practices (contactless delivery, frequent sanitization, use of PPE).

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