10 Things You Can Stuff Into a Letter to Build Relationships

The global use of digital messaging technology is especially helpful in maintaining professional relationships while we hide from the COVID-19 virus in our homes. But, like Zoom meetings, email communications can feel less personal than tangible, in-person connections. What can we do to facilitate meaningful relationship building while practicing social distancing?

Let’s go back to basics by using long-established technology – snail mail.

  • Email: Electronic mail; instant communication
  • Snail Mail: Physical mail; time-delayed communication

One easy way to build relationships with other professionals is by writing and mailing a brief and positive message. For a special touch, include a tiny gift in the card. Some of my best-received snail mail gifts include herbal tea bags and stickers from coffee shops where I want to meet the receiver after social distancing ends. Small tokens like these convey messages of peace, connection, and comfort – leaving an impression on the receiver.

Here are 10 things that you can send in a letter:

  1. Tea bag
  2. Packet of wildflower seeds
  3. Post-it note with an inspiring quote
  4. A photo of you and the receiver
  5. Sticker (especially from your town, an event, a coffee shop, or your logo)
  6. Pressed flowers
  7. Stick of gum
  8. Custom erasers (try putting your logo on one!)
  9. Bookmark
  10. Cut paper shapes (like stars, dollars, etc.)

Don’t forget to include your business card, too!

Personal mailings require a small investment, like 140 mini note cards for $13 on Amazon. Skip a trip to the post office; purchase stamps online from USPS. #SaveUSPS

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